Quarters rung in 2009

22 January 2009,
1296 Plain&Little Bob Royal:
1 Valerie M Beecroft
2 Peter F Humpheries
3 Susan D Sparling
4 Lindsey C Jones
5 Robert Peers
6 Ernest T Carvell
7 William Harrison
8 Randle T J Tinkler (C)
9 Peter M S Newton
10 Geoffrey C Sparling

Rung half muffled to commemorate the life of Alex Martin who died 18/01/09.
Alex had been tower captain of Oxton from 1959 until 2007.
Gavin Price and David Jones would like to be associated with this quarter peal.
8 October 2009,
1296 Plain Bob Caters:
1 David T G Jones
2 Peter M S Newton
3 Ernest T Carvell
4 Helen Powell
5 Joanne Wood
6 Randle T J Tinkler (C)
7 William Harrison
8 Christopher W Neale
9 Christopher J Eden
10 Tony Fox

For Wirral Branch Quarter Peal fortnight.
Rung in memory of Alan Hobson who died on 14 September 2009.
Alan served as the Vicar's Verger of this church from 1990 to 2007.
1st on 10: 4
11 October 2009,
1260 Plain Bob Doubles:
1 John Baxendale
2 Amy M Robson
3 Helen A Stansfield
4 Gavin E Price
5 Peter W Robson (C)
6 William Harrison

For Wirral Branch Quarter Peal fortnight.
26 November 2009,
1260 Plain Bob Royal:
1 Margaret K S Allin
2 David T G Jones
3 Lindsay C Jones
4 Christopher W Neale
5 Gavin E Price
6 William Harrison
7 Joanne Wood
8 Christopher J Eden
9 Peter M S Newton
10 Randle T J Tinkler (C)

Rung to celebrate the 80th Birthday of Ernie Carvell, who would have rung in this Quarter Peal, had he not had medical advice to miss it;
also for the 103rd Birthday of Maggie Harrison, mother of ringer of 6.